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Etienne Blom - Prophetic Word 2011 and 2012

Prophetic Word for 2012

This is the Word I received from Father for 2012.

Father showed me that if He had to put a banner to 2012 it would read: 2012 THE


This is going to be the year that Father is going to manifest the greater things, miracles that Jesus spoke about before He went to heaven. God is coming to show the people that the impossible is possible to Him. (Luke 18:22, Matt 19:26). Father wants to come and confirm His Word to everyone, to manifest that His Word is the truth. We will see miracles happening that have never been seen before. The greater things and miracles will manifest.

2012 is the year of glory. Glory, God will manifest in a new and greater dimension. The nations have not seen the glory of God yet. As Peter walked through the streets and his shadow fell on people and they received healing (Acts5:15), so will it be with the people that have a true intimate relationship with God and that truly know Him. People will walk on the streets and people will get healed and delivered by them just walking past them as the Glory of God shines out of them. It will happen through the ones that are true carriers of the presence of God and walk in intimacy the whole time. The glory of God, as in Rev. 4, will manifest in places.

God is aligning heaven and earth in 2012. He is calling us to a new level of holiness and intimacy. He is aligning our DNA with His DNA. To walk in alignment and to a greater measure of presence we need to become more holy and more intimate with Him. We need to become more like Him. Get to know Him, wisdom and revelation lies in the knowledge of Him. (Efe. 1:16). We need to align our lifestyles to a God like lifestyle. We must align to heaven to be part of the glory.

God is looking for a royal, holy, priesthood in 2012 through which He can manifest Himself. (1Pet2).

There will be a release of higher authority in 2012. The people that know their God will stand up in authority and responsibility in 2012. God will mobilise a generation of generals and soldiers who will walk and rule under His instruction of the Word. They will be relentless against darkness and do mighty wonders. Generals in spiritual circles across all nations will stand up to take up their authority and positions to lead with strategy and power released by God. To these generals a rod of authority will be given together with a lot of favour, as He favoured Ester. The rod to rule over darkness will supernaturaly be delivered to leaders across nations and continents. (Psm.110:2). They will walk with boldness and faith. The power of God will be released through these leaders. To walk in authority will be a key to all Gods children in 2012. (Luke9:1; 1Cor15:24). It would be the year that His obedient and persistent servants will be anointed as in Acts 10:38, with the Holy Spirit and power. God’s faithful servants will have a kingly lifestyle.

In 2012 the darkness is going to stand up with greater power and anger. This is one of the reasons why God's children need to stand close to Him and get to know Him. The ones standing up in all circumstances and are being persistent to push through will conquer. Breakthrough welcomes for Gods children in 2012. The Peres anointing will be released to the persistent servants of God in 2012. We need to pull down the Kingdom by force (Gen. 38:28-29). In all circumstances and levels of life God is coming to give breakthrough to His children. We need to hear His voice and be obedient to walk in the breakthrough. We are in God, so is our circumstances. The ones that realise this will walk in the victory and release of His greatness.

When God aligns 2012, heaven to earth, there will be a time of acceleration. A new generation of seer prophets will stand up and emerge in the world which is necessary for the end times. New Samuels will be raised up and stand up. People that are intimate with God will walk into the spiritual acceleration and shift, and will move much quicker into their callings and destinies. The shift and preparation for 2012 have already started at the beginning of October 2011. The shift has become a move of God that is never ending. We need to walk in line with God to move with the Cloud of God just like the Israelites did. This time though the Cloud will always move and never stop. Knowledge and intimacy are so important to move with the cloud, being able to hear His voice. (Exo 13; Exo 19:9).

All Gods children need to move into their callings and destinies in 2012. The key would be to take your eyes of other destinies and callings and to focus on Gods plan and calling for YOU, so that you could fill the part of the Body that you have been created for, with excellence and obedience.

2012 will be the year of governments for the light. On each continent a leader will stand-up and step out to take up the position of leader nationally. God wants to rule the earth and is calling His government and leaders in line in 2012. New strategy and revelation will be released so that the darkness will be caught of balance. Leaders need to have servant hearts to take up their governmental roles. We as the people and team players need to submit ourselves to these leaders and God's plans. It will be all about the Kingdom.

In America there will be a place that will become like a spiritual Pentagon, a place of strategy and revelation. Leaders from across the world will go there to receive instructions, revelation and strategy. The body of Christ will start moving more in unity to fulfill the Kingdom vision of God. It will be all about Gods Kingdom and His glory.

To walk in the glory of God in 2012 you need to die in yourself, deny yourself, for God to manifest in power. ( Mark 8:34; Matt 16:24; Luke 9:23). God has to be your First Love.

The resurrection power of God will manifest in a greater measure and percentage in2012 through people, where it will become part of a natural lifestyle to resurrect people. Some people will become instruments of resurrection. (Rom8:11). God is truly coming with power in 2012.

There will be people walking in the presence of God in such intimacy and awareness that by times they would shine like Moses when he was in the presence of God on the mountain. (Exo 33; Exo 34). We need to realise that we carry the presence of God, and the Holy Spirit. Our spiritual senses need to be exercised. (Heb5:14). Where we walk in2012 we need to walk with such a presence and authority that people must be changed and renewed where ever we go - the atmosphere must change.

Father showed me that in 2012 the dragon and the spirit of Islam are going to stand up much stronger and with a lot of anger and aggression. Leviathan will manifest more and more in nations and especially in the Middle East and the Far East countries. Father showed us, that in 2011 He released the spirit of confusion in the Middle East, where they started fighting each other in their own countries and chaos erupted. In 2012 Father will release a spirit of anger together with the confusion and greater destruction and violence will take place. Darkness will fight against darkness. Islam will stand up with anger against Christianity and persecution and violence will take place more and more. Father showed that the Islam spirit could only be conquered through love. We need to have the Fathers heart and His love and we must take up our authority and have faith.

God has spoken to countries like Japan, Korea, through natural disasters in 2011 but they did not heed to the voice of God. The dragon in these countries will be attacked and bounded again in 2012 through nature. Japan will be hit again through floods and earthquakes. But in 2012 it will be with more power. Where the dragon is going to stand-up and thinks that he is going to win more souls, the opposite is going to happen. Countries like Indonesia, Philippines, Korea and Taiwan are going to be filled with mighty testimonies of the love and power of God. In 2012 God's glory is going to bringing the souls in abundance in these countries.

God showed me that the body of the dragon is still over China. In 2012 God is going to bind the body of the dragon through power and miracles. He showed me a nuclear explosion in China that is coming and it is going to cause a lot of pain, death, destruction and desolation. Father said that those who died for Him in China in the line of duty for the Kingdom, has His promises that their children’s children will be saved and have eternal life.

Father also showed me powerstation explosions in Russia. Investigation however will not be able to find any causes for the explosions and it will be a mystery to them. The families, who have an intimate relationship with God, will however have supernatural electricity in this chaos that will be impossible to explain.

In 2012 a young political activist, leader, will stand up in Germany. He would be in his early forties. He will become very popular and would be a real mover and shaker bringing change in Germany. This leader would actually be an instrument for the antichrist in the future. Germany and France are called strictly by God to come to a place of repentance and to start seeing Gods hand in their countries financial blessings. They are very dark in the spirit. God is calling them to light as they could be powerful instruments for Him.

America is a country called by God to be an international leader in all aspects of life and civilisation. In 2012 God is going to call hard on American spiritual leaders to stand up in their positions of light that they have been called for and to take up their responsibilities. God needs and wants to come in charge of America. In certain states where God is not recognised by leaders, or being part of their leadership, those states will fall in financial difficulties, some even into bankruptcy. Certain states will be hit through nature and their agricultural powers will be broken. Arkansas is one of the states that would be hit by draught. In the states that God is recognised and acknowledged through leadership, pockets of revival will break out and set the example and pace to the rest of the nation. Pres Obama will not be re-elected. He would make desperate financial commitments through contracts with other countries to try and save America from financial disaster. The commitments would be with countries not selected by God and not manageable. America is a proud nation and through these commitments it would embarrass the nation and bring Obama to a fall.

There will be states where the spiritual leaders will stand up and bring God and prophecy into the marketplace and it would flourish and lead to revival in the marketplace and Kingdom.

God is calling on the Spirit filled Christian leaders of America to stand up in 2012 and pull down America's spiritual inheritance and revival with the power of God. They need to take up their role as leaders appointed by God.

Father showed me that the Euro currency system will come to a fall. A one world currency could not work and is part of the antichrists plan of control.

In 2012 the world will be pulled into recession and financial instability like never before. Europe will be hit the hardest as it is dark in the spirit and God is not acknowledged by the masses. America will be put under extreme financial strain where only God can save them. Even the powerful financial countries like Germany and France will be in recession. Through the miracles that will happen to the children of God financially in America, the financial and business world will start turning to God. God is going to show the world in 2012 how He blesses Kingdom businesses. The ones that run their businesses on Kingdom principles will be blessed in abundance. It is so important for Gods children to know that you are under Kingdom finances and not natural world finances. Father showed me that billions would come into the Kingdom of Light from the kingdom of darkness. God is looking for Kingdom business people in 2012 whom he can trust with His finances, people that will use the money to make the Kingdom grow and honour and glorify God and NOT for their own kingdoms. God is looking for good stewards of His finances who will be obedient to Him. This financial pour-out of finances in the Kingdom of light will cause a shift in the spirit and also in the natural finance world. Testimonies would pour in that would show the world Gods love, power and greatness. Father warns us to be in a place where we are prepared to receive His blessing and abundance.

In 2012 many false prophets and apostles will be exposed. There are many in the world. (1John4:1). God is going to purify the Body through the manifesting of His glory. Darkness would not be able to stand in the glory and light. False leaders and prophets will be exposed. Father warns the people that are only running after titles that He has not called them to be bearers of these titles. The body is called into unity and lifestyles of NO COMPROMISE.

There will be a lot of movement and action in South Africa. South Africa has been called for revival, but the people need to wake up and pull it down by force. People need to get together in unity and stop building their own kingdoms. Father warns that He will take revival away if the people and church leaders don't stand up together and really seek Gods face. God is looking for a face to face relationship. Revival can't take place without repentance, intimacy and the power of God.

God is coming to shake the political arena in South Africa. Father is coming to expose a number of political leaders and decision-makers who are involved in corruption and fraud. The dark side will be exposed. God is coming to clean up His body. Gods grace and hand is still upon South Africa. We need to take hold of it in thanksgiving and worship. God is calling South Africa to intimacy, righteousness and truth. South Africans need to let go of the battle scars of the past and in 2012 move forward in unity to the future to receive our glory and blessings. Financially South Africa will be stable comparing to the world norm and standards.

Father showed me that the true worshippers will receive the glory of God in 2012. (2Chron5:14-15). We as children of God need to come back to a place of worship. Our LIFESTYLES must be worship. God must be glorified and honoured in 2012 in everything we do. Worship brings the presence and manifests the glory of God. Everyone across the world is called for glory. Your lifestyle will set the standard of what measure of glory you will receive in 2012.

2012 will be the year of glory. It is an exiting year to look forward to if you are a child of God. Allow God to come into your life as your First Love. Allow Him to manifest His love, glory and power in your life. He loves us all. Let’s start to walk into the glory of 2012 by loving and trusting Him with our whole being.

May Father bless and spoil you in abundance in 2012. May the fullness of His love fill you in 2012.
Etienne Blom

Prophetic word for 2011

In December 2010 our Father took me into a revelation for two weeks every night regarding 2011. It was an amazing experience where Father released word over His nations and creation.

He started with Australia. Storms and heavy floods will start to hit Australia. Australia is a country blessed by Father in all aspects of life. The nation of Australia does not acknowledge or recognise God in all their blessings. The western side will be first with floods. The eastern side will be hit more with fire. Father will speak through nature with the nation of Australia.

The USA will be hit with recession. The recession they experienced the previous two years was just a sample of what is to come. The leaders of the nation need to stand up and turn back to God. Mammon is still a god in the USA to people. People value their lives in money and not in the relationship that they have with God. Father will speak to the nation by taking away their idols. The recession will jump from the USA to United Kingdom and from there to the rest of the world.

The United Kingdom is a land full of history and rich in spiritual blessing but it is dead in the spirit at the moment. The fathers need to stand up now and lead the sons and daughters to the King. The wells need to be opened of spiritual blessings and inheritance.

The dragon is moving over countries in the Far East. Mudslides, winds and flood will hit Japan, North and South Korea. This is the year that the dragon’s legs will be tied up by Father so that it could not move anymore. The body of the dragon is over China. Legs first going to be tied then the body will be attacked from 2012.

The Middle East will be dumped into confusion and inner fighting. Egypt, Arabic countries, Middle East countries will turn and fight. Father will release the spirit of confusion between the nations and they will start to destroy each other in each nation. They are busy worshipping Baal again and trying to build a new Babylon, Father showed me. Mammon is in control. Bloodshed will take place as they destroy each other.

Churches will be purified and some will come to an end and close their doors. False prophets and leaders will be exposed. Father calls the body to unity. It can only happen if it is pure and when all the leaders have a Kingdom vision. Leaders allowing contamination, religion and manipulation in their churches will be pulled down from their positions. It is the year where the true prophets, apostles, evangelists and teachers need to come forth. The teachers need to be restored in their positions to equip the Body of Christ. Father showed me that as much as 90% of people calling themselves prophets are not so. People in ministry should stop running after titles. You will be recognised by your gifting.

The circle of friends of the people walking in intimacy with God will be purified. If you have friends that just don’t want to listen to the voice of God, Father is going to move them out of your circle. There is no time now to be kept back to perform Father’s instructions in your life. It is time to become a doer of the Word and not only a talker. Action needs to be taken to bring the lost into the Kingdom.

It is the year of impartation. God is coming to impart people the fullness of Him. In 2009 and 2010 Father stripped people of their earthly and worldly desires and idols. If you allowed Him to purify and strip you then, only then will you really feel the abundance of Him this year. God is preparing His children for the glory of 2012. You need to surrender and lay down yourself everyday to receive the fullness. There is no place for the flesh. It is the year where God will reveal His Fathers heart and lots will for the first time know who their Father in heaven is. Israel could not move into the Promised Land for 40 years because they kept on going back to their past and old sins. We need to cut ourselves from the past to receive the glory of the future. Father wants to open up the door of the future and new season but we need to close the door on the past.

In 2011 the spiritual fathers and mothers need to stand up. Father wants the body to be equipped for the future and for the glory of 2012 and onwards. Spiritual fathers and mothers need to take up their responsibility of their kids. Churches need to raise and equip spiritual fathers and mothers.

Visitations of Jesus and of angels will take place in 2011 in a greater measure. More and more such testimonies of heavenly visitations will take place. In Genesis 11:5 Father came down to see what the nation is building and doing when they built the tower of Babel. This year Jesus will reveal himself to people just to show them that He knows what they are doing and to keep people in line with His Word. Visitations will happen on regular basis across the world. Father will reveal Himself more and more.

South Africa is under the grace of God in this season. Businesses of Kingdom people will be blessed and protected. Some will be tested until number 99.9, but Father will always give victory to the ones managing their business according to His Kingdom. Money of the darkness will flow into the kingdom of light. Fathers said that we must stop thinking about hundreds of thousands, but more of billions. He is the giver of abundance. Those that He can trust with His finances will experience the abundance. The rich that waists His money will be stripped. Father wants to bless all but you need to be trustworthy.

Revival is upon South Africa. There is a ceiling of fire hanging above South Africa. The nation needs to wake up to pull revival down. Repentance needs to take place and unity needs to come into the body. All need to work together as children of God. Father showed me another two years in which we need to pull down revival. Churches need to come in unity and have Kingdom visions to pull down revival.

There are three keys that we all need across the world for 2011.

1. Unconditional love.

2. Fear of the Lord

3. True worship, a lifestyle of worship.

With these keys you will receive the more of God. He wants to reveal His heart and goodness in 2011. It is up to each individual to receive the more of God. An intimate love relationship with God is the start of everything.

For those in love with the King and intimate with Him it would be the greatest year in your life. Testimonies of victories with Father will grow across the world and miracles will increase drastically. There will be a huge shift in the spirit in January and people will experience God in a new way. He will speak louder and do things totally different. He will show us not to put His Spirit in a box but to allow the freedom of the move of the spirit. New levels of authority will be allocated to His children. There will be places on earth where sickness will flee from the authority of His children. Pockets of sick free zones.

2011 is going to be a great year for Gods children.


Prophetic word on Wednesday 1 June 2010

While I was lying in bed last night, Father took me to a place in heaven and He said:

“For twenty years I have been breathing on you and the people of Cape Town and South Africa. Revival is coming soon. Flames are starting to fall from heaven. It is eight minutes to twelve in the natural but it is also eight minutes to twelve in the supernatural. I am coming at twelve… The twelve represents the new beginning for all of you when I come. The twelve is the governmental. The government of God will fall in place when I come. Be ready - twelve o clock is coming soon.

2012 Is going to be the greatest year in South Africa. Fire will rain on South Africa and then on the rest of Africa and the world. Prepare the bride and be ready for revival. Wake up people of the Kingdom. I saw the Lion walking around and breathing into people. South Africa and especially Cape Town be prepared.

Father has spoken and warned all of us. It is now up to everyone personally to be prepared and ready for revival and the coming of the Lord.

Blessings and shalom to all

Ettienne Blom

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